Managing iOS Apps Location Data

Many people believe that the Location tracking and data created in iOS and iPadOS is invasive of our privacy. To a certain extent, it really does encroach on your privacy. If you feel strongly about this, you can turn off Location Services altogether on your iPhone. A more modified method would be to turn off Location Services for individual Apps. Here is how you do that.

Location Services

To set up Location parameters for specific Apps in iOS, you have to go into Privacy in Settings.

Then, tap on Location Services.

You can toggle Location Services completely off in this area.

If you just want to change the settings for specific Apps, scroll down the list to the desired App.

You can see the settings for my Apps. Most of them are set to “While Using”, but some are just set to “Always”, “Never” or “Ask”. If you tap on an App (in this case Fantastical) you are taken to these settings on the next screen.

This is where you set up each individual App. It is also where you go to change those Location Settings if you change your mind about an App.


If you are willing to have Location Services turned on, then you can adjust those services per application. Apps that you rarely use can be turned off completely.