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overview_devices20090502I think MobileMe is totally cool. It is much more than an email service, but admittedly I don’t use all of it’s features. In my new Mac Tech job I am not able to have a POP email account at this time so I go into MobileMe on Safari and have it open in the background all day. It is very convenient to be able to do things in the cloud, on MobileMe all day long and then have all of that activity mirrored on my iMac when I get home.

One thing that I have discovered of late is the Public Folder on my MobileMe account. Not everyone will use this feature, but if you want to have people download large files, files too large for email, then the Public Folder is it. You just have to make sure you go into System Preferences and start our iDisk on your Mac. That way you can drag your file or folder of stuff into the Public Folder on your iDisk for future downloading.

To setup your Public Folder go into System Preferences and click on the MobileMe icon:


Once you are in the MobileMe Preference Pane just click on the iDisk tab like so:


It is a good idea to password protect the Public Folder. Also, don’t forget to “Start” your iDisk Sync. Whatever you drag into the Public Folder in iDisk on your hard drive will be sync’d with the cloud. If you do decide to password the Public Folder you will get this screen:

Picture 3

After you click “Login In” you are taken to your Public Folder in the web browser. If you send someone the link to your Public Folder they will get this login drop down window. Hopefully you provided them with the password which, of course, you haven’t forgotten. When they login they should see a page similar to this one only with different files:

Picture 4

Other people can download files from your Public Folder. This really is a cool feature if you are in the habit of distributing larger files from time to time. Just send you friends an email with your Public Folder link and password. Or, if you prefer to keep it secret, call them with the password.

I have used this feature a couple of times of late. It works pretty well. Yet another value added feature of MobileMe.


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