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A lot of the new features in iWeb are interface tweaks and improvements. Besides the new FTP feature one of the coolest improvements is the Widgets Bar.

When you open iWeb the Media slide out menu is on the right side of the app window. If you don’t see it just go to the View Menu and click on Show Media and it will slide out. It should look like this:

Screenshot 1.png If you click on the Widget button you will get the widgets available in iWeb ’09. Widgets are not new to iWeb, but grouping them in this manner is. This is a very convenient way to group the widgets. Before they were a little awkward to find. Plus, there are a few new ones like iSight Photo and iSight Movie. Very cool.

Actually, I haven’t tried any of these yet, but once I get a good look at them I am sure I will be using some of them in future issues of my woodworking blog.

There are some other things in iWeb that are worth mentioning, but that will be for a future issue. Until then . . .


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