Not So Common Keyboard Shortcuts

I use keyboard shortcuts all the time. I know many of you do also. Having said that, I know I do not come close to using all the keyboard shortcuts available in the macOS. With that in mind, I thought I would share a few keyboard shortcuts that are easy to use and quite helpful.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Close Tab / Window (Command ⌘ + “W”) — In a Mac web browser, Command + “W” will close a Tab if you have multiple Tabs open. If you only have one Tab open, it will close the App. In other applications, it will close the App entirely.
  2. App Preferences (Command ⌘ + “,”) — Using Command Comma will bring up the Preferences for just about any App in the macOS. It is a lot faster than hunting around in menus for the Apps Preferences.
  3. Hide Apps (Command ⌘ + “H”) — You can use Command “H” to hide the App you are working in. This command is pretty much universal for all Mac Apps.
  4. Open Files (Command ⌘ + “O”) — Command “O” will open any document in the App assigned for that type of document. This only saves you a little time, but if your hand is tired from using your Mouse of Trackpad, it can come in handy.
  5. Print Documents (Command ⌘ + “P”) — You can select a document and use Command “P” to print it. If you use this keyboard command, the App for that document will be opened, then it will be printed in the background. This is handy for a quick one-off print, but if you need more control of the printed output, you should use the Print command in the App to get to a printer screen.
  6. Tab Apps (Command ⌘ + “Tab”) — I am sure most of you know this, but do you use it? Command + the Tab key will allow you to Tab through your open applications. Occasionally, this is a quick way to move to another open App.

There are several other keyboard commands in the macOS. Many of them are seldom used, but they are out there to assist your workflow.


If you are not using keyboard shortcuts, you should be. They can save you so much time in your daily operations.