Notifications – Just A Reminder

With the advent of macOS Monterey, you have all kinds of new scehduling features like Focus Mode. Despite all the things you can do in the Notifications Center and Control Center on the Desktop, I thought it might be a good idea to remind everyone of the Notifications System Preference Pane. There is a reason for this reminder which is based on a little problem I always have.

Notifications Changes

I use the new Notifications Center and Control Center features. Here is my problem that I do frequently. Let’s say I change from using the Spark Email App to the Airmail Email App. I switch between them occasionally. I like them both, but they both have their pros and cons. What I typically do is to forget to go into the Notifications Preference Pane to activate and adjust the notification status of each App. I don’t need them both notifying me. After I keep getting notifications from both Apps, then I go into Notifications Preference Pane and make the adjustments for each App.

After doing this notification switch recently, I started looking around in the Notifications Preference Pane. I ended up adjusting notifications status for several Apps. I encourage you to go in there and check things out, you may be surprised. It is easy to do, just click on the Notifications Preference Pane in System Preferences.


Once in this area, you can scroll through the Apps and adjust their notification status. Here is the Calendar App.

Calendar Notifications

There are several settings in each App to adjust on or off. Here is the Airmail App.

Airmail Off

The notifications for Airmail are turned off now because I am using the Spark Email App. I think you can get the picture here. This is a reminder to scroll through the Notifications list and adjust the Apps the way you wish. I think you will find you do not need notifications for several of the Apps. You need to try to avoid getting notified to death with this stuff, try to avoid “notification overload”.


It may save you some time and stress to check the Notifications System Preference Pane to make some adjustments.