Just watched the Apple Watch keynote. Whoa! The Apple Watch is going to sell like hotcakes! But, the “next big thing” I liked the most..
OS X’s spellcheck capabilities are pretty good. Of course, they don’t have every word from everywhere in their dictionary, but you can always add them...
Don’t know if you noticed any problems on your Mac but adware, malware and other kinds of “crapware” have increased dramatically over the last year..
As time goes by there are many reasons that you may need your Macintosh common name (Late 2012 iMac) or exact Model number (iMac 13,2)..
A friend of mine asked me to clean up her MacBook Pro. It was not running well, and just had a few problems. Plus, she..
I have talked to people that have problems with the trackpad on their MacBook Pro being too sensitive and just generally not working well. If..
In my previous article I covered several of the main features of BusyMac’s BusyContacts application. Today I want to finish off reviewing this excellent program. I have..
In a previous article I covered BusyMac’s BusyCal application. I want to present BusyCal’s other half (and in my opinion the better half) BusyContacts. As you might..
The Option Key (⌥ ) on the Mac is like a “Swiss Army Knife” modifier key. In the old days it was referred to as..
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