If you are in the Mac tech support business you inevitably end up using a very cool app called Mactracker. There is no way a person..
At times the Spotlight search feature in OS X can start behaving badly. This is an indicator that the Spotlight Index is corrupted and needs..
This is a very good article on how to make your Mac more secure than it already is. I use many of these techniques, except FireVault...
I have dealt with battery problems on Apple laptops for years. Recently I discovered a cool “free” program called Battery Health available on the Mac..
This is a good article on post processing photos on your iPhone. He mentions PureShot and Snapseed in the article, I use both of these apps on my 5s. Give..
Because I maintain several websites I deal a lot with photos. I do some sharpening, cropping and cleanup of the photos I use, but mostly..
I have used the Dictation function in Yosemite a few times to dictate a Message or something like that. But, I have never used it..
There are several programs and/or plugins that enhance and improve the functionality of Apple Mail. I have tried a few over the years, but my..
If you do any writing at all (blogging anyone?) then you should be using the QuickType feature in OS X. This article thoroughly describes how to use..
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