If you are not a professional photo editing guru then you are always looking for an application that a “mere mortal” can use to edit..
I have used Path Finder for several years now. I started with version 5, then 6 and now version 7, but it has been around..
Apple released the last update for Mavericks yesterday, 10.9.5. It does not seem to fix a whole lot, but I installed it anyway. Of course,..
Apple released Yosemite Beta 3 a few days ago. Of course, I updated my Yosemite install on my external HD and have been using it..
I have read so many articles on who should update their iDevice to iOS 8 or not. This article about 'not updating right a way' is very..
I have used OS X Finder replacements for years. They just have more functionality and usually work quite well. Recently, I switched back to a..
In preparation for the release of iOS 8 on this Wednesday Sept. 17, I offer this informative article on new swipe gestures in the iOS 8 Mail..
Apple just released ver. 12 of iTunes in Yosemite Beta 2. It has been ported over to the flat Yosemite look in every way. Apple..
This is a very good article on what to do to prepare for Yosemite OS 10.10. I especially like the suggestions to back up your iCloud area..
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