Photos App Contact Sheets

The macOS Photos App gets more sophisticated with every release of the Mac operating system. One Photos App feature that has improved over time is Contact Sheets. I think Contact Sheets can be helpful to allow other people to review several photos at a glance. A Contact Sheet is easy to make in the Photos App, here is how it is done.

Contact Sheets

To make a Contact Sheet of several photos you have to select which photos you want in the sheet in the main browser window. Hold down the Shift ⇧ key while selecting several images. Now select File/Print. You should be in a window similar to this one.

When you click on “Contact Sheet”, your images will change to this type of display.

You can see the settings for sizing the thumbnails in this window. You can print that Contact Sheet as is, or you can click on the “Captions” button to set up what information you want to appear for each image on the sheet.

Whatever you select in this window will be displayed for each image in the Contact Sheet.

You can choose several settings or just a few. Once you have your Contact Sheet ready, just click on the “Print” button to reach a printing dialog. If you are sending this to another person, it might be a good idea to print it out as a PDF file to attach to an Email or texting App.


Creating Contact Sheets in the Photos App is pretty easy. They can be handy for getting a quick overview of several images.