Safari 14 Tab Improvements

Apple continues to make improvements to the Mac Safari web browser. The recently released Safari 14 has some new features in macOS Catalina one of which is improved Tabs. I use Tabs for all my browsing; they are just convenient. Safari 14 has included Tab Overviews. Tab Overviews are available in the Big Sur version of Safari because Big Sur is using version 14, but have not been available in Catalina until now. Here is a look at Tab Overviews.

Safari Tab Overviews

When I use Safari, I usually have eight to twelve Tabs open. I am doing research for an article or just catching up on Mac news. It can be difficult to determine what Tab goes to what page. Yes, the Tabs now has Favicon’s showing, but it is still difficult to see what page I am selecting.

Safari Tabs

Enter the very nice feature of Tab Overviews. All you have to do is hold your mouse over a Tab and an overview of that website pops out.

Tab Pop Out

You cannot read the small print, but you get a quick view of what website is associated with that Tab. Here is another example of Tab Overview.

Tab Overview

If you typically use a lot of Tabs like I do, the Tab Overview feature is super handy. It does not pop out immediately, you have to hold the mouse there for a second or two. 1


I have previously mentioned this feature coming in Big Sur, but it is nice to have it in Catalina.

  1. You don’t click the mouse, you just allow it to hover over a Tab[]