Searching In The Photos App

The Photos App has been around for many years. I think people were underwhelmed with it at first, but it has become quite sophisticated with the new features Apple has added over time. I use it for most of my photo editing needs. If you have many photos, the Photos App Search feature can be very helpful.

Photos Search

I have about 25,000 photos in my macOS Photos App. Some of you may have much more than that. With that many photos, it becomes difficult know what is there and to find photos of specific topic or events. One thing that helps with this is the Search function in the Photos App.

You access the Search function in the upper-right corner of the main Photos window. Here is a search for “Zoo” in my Photos App.

When the search is complete, you can search through the photos that are found.

Here is a search for “gods” which is part of the name of “Garden of the Gods”, a very famous nature attraction near where I live.

One thing I have found in doing these searches is they don’t always find every photo of the topic you are searching. However, they do find many of the photos in question.

Here is a search for “Estes” which is the name of a tourist area (Estes Park) in Colorado.

I think you get the idea. You may not find the exact photo you are looking for in these searches, but it is a good place to start looking. There is a good chance the photo you want will be in the search.


The macOS Photos App is fairly robust when interacting with and manipulating photographs. The Search feature is just one thing to make the App more useful.