Sensei Performance App Improvements

I use several Utility Apps on my Macs to measure performance and troubleshoot problems. One of those Apps is Sensei from Cindori software. I have done articles on Sensei in the past. Sensei has been updated for macOS Big Sur. It works very nicely and has a new feature called “Cooling” which measures temperatures for every aspect of your Mac hardware. Here is what that looks like.

Sensei Cooling

The original features in Sensei are pretty much the same. They all seem to work well in macOS Big Sur. To access the new “Cooling” feature, just click on it in the sidebar.


If you right-click on the above image and select “Open in new Tab” you will get a larger version that is easier to read.

The new “Cooling” feature provides lots of information on various running temperatures of your Mac. You can check temps on CPU, Storage, Logic Board, Memory and more.

I do not think Mac overheating is as much of a problem as in years past, but it can still be an issue when troubleshooting hardware issues.


There are several good utility Apps for the Mac. Sensei is one of them in my opinion. It has a nice interface and is supported well.