Sharing Contact Information

If you have used a Mac for any length of time, I am sure you may need to share someone’s contact information. There are different ways to do that in macOS. Since most Mac people use the Contacts application, I will demonstrate how easy it is in that App.

Contact Sharing

To share contact information in the macOS, just bootup the Contacts App and select a contact name.1

Contact Name

Once the contact is selected, click on the share button in the lower right corner of the window.

Share Button

This will produce a drop down list of ways to share the information.

Share List

In this case, I chose to share this contact with the Airmail App, but you can choose several different options from the Share List.

Airmail Share

Wherever you choose to share the contact, it is placed in that App ready to be sent to others. I use other Contact Apps at times and they all have a way to share contact information.

You can share multiple contacts at the same time by Command ⌘ clicking to select them. But, you cannot use the share menu for this, you have to drag the contact information to your Desktop and then add it to an application manually.


Sharing contact information with other people is easy in the macOS Contacts App.

  1. You can share more than one contact at a time if you wish, see below[]