Show & Hide Big Sur Menu Bar

In previous versions of macOS to the upcoming Big Sur, you could automatically show and hide the Menu Bar in the Finder. I think this feature is especially useful if you are working on a Mac laptop. Hiding the Menu Bar provides just a little more screen real estate when needed. This feature is present in Big Sur, but in a different location than previous versions of macOS.

Auto Show/Hide Menu Bar

In previous versions of macOS the Dock Automatic Hiding feature was located in the General Preference Pane. In Big Sure it is located in the new “Dock & Menu Bar” Preference Pane.

When you enter the Dock & Menu Bar Preference Pane the Auto-Hide Menu Bar setting is in the bottom of the window.

If you check that box, the Menu Bar hiding feature will be activated. You may even wish to use this feature on an iMac for a distraction free working environment. 1


In macOS Big Sur many features are new and improved and some have just been relocated.

  1. Having a 27” iMac, I don’t use this feature, but I can see where it might be very useful to some people.