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I am always on the lookout for little utilities and apps that make OS X Lion a little better and my life easier and more efficient. Enter stage left, “Speedy” by Apimac software. This is a very cool little utility let me tell you.

Speedy just sits on the corner of your desktop ready to use at a moments notice. You load it as an icon in the Finder menubar, but I have so much stuff up there right now I elected the desktop metaphor. Here is what the menu looks like:

Screenshot 2012 06 03 at 1 59 32 PM

  All those icons actually provide different functionality. So far I have added several documents to the    document icon. These are documents I work on all the time like websites and various other things. It really is handy to just launch them from this list. I also added several folders to the the small folder you see there. I am in and out of the same folders all the time it seems so I just put them on the folders list. Instead of navigating to this stuff all I have to do is click on the icon and select the document of folder I need.

As you can see Speedy also keeps a list of recent apps. You can add a list of favorite apps to this as well. I already use another program for that purpose, but if you needed it, there it is. The little gray “A” icon is a list of recent clipboards. Very handy for repeated text entry. The blue ball is for recent websites and the wrench icon is for Applescript workflows. That is a very cool feature, a few workflows are already included.

Speedy is a very smart program. It does more than this for sure. If you are interested bomb on over to Apimac website and check it out. You can get it in the Mac App Store for $2.99, but I think it is on sale right now. Might normally be a little more than that, but well worth the price.


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