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Verifying Backups

Hopefully, most people have seen the light and are running some type of backup and/or backups of their Macs. Backups are crucial in our workflow, but there is a problem here. As far as backups go, most people “set it and forget.” Have you ever had a backup copy of…

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Chronosync Restore Files

  In a previous article, I introduced you to the excellent and very sophisticated Chronosync backup App. You can use the backup presets to create a backup with Chronosync, but it’s real power comes in the various settings for setting up a backup workflow. Before going into too much detail…

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ChronoSync Backups

I have several articles on backing up your computer on the blog. About six months ago, I switched my backup strategy to using ChronoSync from Econ Technologies. This is the best, most sophisticated backup software I have ever used. It is really excellent, but it has a bit of a…

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