There are all kinds of settings in the Accessibility Preference Pane. One that I use from time to time is the “Zoom” feature. If you..
Apple just released the 10.12.1 update to macOS Sierra. I have installed it on my Late 2012 iMac. I did an extra Restart just for..
One of the new features in macOS Sierra and iOS 10 is the Universal Clipboard. You can clip something to the clipboard on your Mac..
I have not used the macOS Finder for years, opting instead for the excellent PathFinder application. However, macOS Sierra Finder has been updated with some..
In my macOS Sierra beta travels I have come across another cool, unobtrusive feature involving Tabbed Windows. You already know you can use Tabbed Windows..
As I work through macOS Sierra I continually discover new features. Some of these features in Messages were mentioned in the Apple Keynote and some..
In one of my previous posts, the Disk Utility app in El Capitan was not well received. The basic criticism was it's dumb down functionality...
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