In the old days Mac users worked with and fixed Permissions all the time. In recent versions of macOS, we have gotten away from the..
For years Mac people have turned to resetting the Permissions on their Macs as a troubleshooting procedure. Then, a few macOS’s ago, Apple removed this..
Yes, we all know that we don't need to run Permissions anymore right? Starting with Yosemite up through macOS Sierra, the operating system is supposed..
In my previous article on Permissions Repair in El Capitan I mentioned a few applications that will still run Permissions if you choose to do..
I have discussed Permissions in El Capitan in a previous article. Just wanted to add a bit of information here. Recently I upgraded a friends..
This very important article dovetails perfectly with my previous article on the Disk Utility application no longer doing Permissions Repair in El Capitan. There really..
If OS X is contantly asking you to put in your password when you move or save files then you have a Permissions problem. This..