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Mojave Printer Setup

I am still poking around in the new Mojave macOS. In my travels, I decided to see how it does at setting up printers. Keep in mind I am doing this in the Mojave Developer version that is installed on an SSD. The printer setup is very similar to macOS High Sierra,…

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Turn Off 2-Sided Printing

It is so nice that printer manufacturers send out most of their printers these days with 2-Sided Printing as the default. This is all setup in the printer drivers. Yes, you can turn it off each time you print, but what a pain. Recently, my wife was trying to print from…

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Yosemite Printer Setup

I have been playing around in Yosemite with the usual functionality like the Finder, Printing, etc. I just setup my printers in 10.10 and all went well. However, some people are having problems getting certain printers to work in Yosemite. It seems like it is mostly printer driver issues, companies…

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