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timemachine_icon20071016How long have you been using OS X Leopard? I bought Leopard at the Apple Store the night it was released. I didn’t install it for about a month. Within a few months of installing it I bought a Time Capsule.

Not long after that I set up my MacBook to backup to the Time Capsule using Time Machine. A few months later I got my new iMac and set it up to back up to the Time Capsule. My Mac at work backs up to an internal hard drive using Time Machine. I am not saying I am a total expert on Time Machine, but I have a pretty good working knowledge of it. With that in mind I would like to make a few observations.

Time Machine works very well. I have actually recovered a few files at home and at work with the Time Machine application. It works so well we are considering putting all our Macs at work on Leopard and using Time Machine to back up over a network.

But, in my experience there is a downside to Time Machine. It is set in the OS to back up every hour. Make no mistake, there is a CPU hit on your machine when it is backing up. It definitely slows things down. And, do we really need to back up every hour?

A few people have taken these shortcomings into consideration and have made applications that allow you to control when Time Machine backs up. In our next installment I will talk to you about one that I have been using for a few weeks.

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