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As I stated previously Time Machine works great. I have used it a few times to recover files for myself or my wife. However, the “backup every hour” thing is a bit annoying.

Now, if you need to back up every hour then, by all means, do so. For some people this may be ideal for there workflow. But, not for me. So, I went hunting for applications to adjust the interval of the backup and I found TimeMachineEditor. This is a one horse band of an application. It only does one thing, allows you to adjust the interval between Time Machine backups.

This is a free application. You can download it from the above link, it has a very small footprint. Once it is installed you just boot it up and you will get this window:

Picture 1

If you click on the “Interval” drop down you can select 1 day or other amounts. This is taken from my iMac and it is set for 3 hours which is about right or me. They do have a disclaimer that the Time Machine Preference Pane may not show the next backup correctly, but it seems to do it on time.

I have only been using this app for about one week, but so far so good. I would recommend it to you if you are tired of the hourly backups.

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