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iMacThere are at least 3 Apple stores in the Denver area. I visited one yesterday. I wanted to see the new iMac’s in the flesh. Well, while you are there you just have to see everything else too, right?

The new iMac’s are totally cool. I have been reading all kinds of stuff about the glossy screens not being viewable and so on. Yes, they can be a bit difficult to see from certain angles. However, the lighting in the Apple store is terrible. If I tilted the screen just a bit, the glare went away. It is a beautiful screen and, as far as I am concerned, easy on the eyes. I plan to buy a 20″ next Spring or Summer and I am really looking forward to it. I did check out the 24″ iMacs as well. They are huge.

Of course, while at the store I had to look at the “other” stuff. The new Nano’s are really neat. They are so tiny you cannot believe it. They are much smaller than they appear on the web or TV. And thin, are they ever thin!

For a Thursday afternoon there were quite a few people at the store. Yes, a couple bought an iMac while I was looking around. You can say what you wish about lavish store displays, Apple’s stores have that understated simplicity and beauty. The store is the backdrop for the machines, not the other way around.

I had a great time. I wish I had an Apple Store in my home town. Maybe someday.

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