Troubleshooting? What Mac Do I Have?

I have performed tech support on Macintosh computers for years, both in a work environment and as a hobby for friends and family. There is certain information you need to troubleshoot a Mac. Sometimes there is certain information you need to buy parts for a Mac like RAM. Before buying parts or finding a troubleshooting guide on a website like iFixit, you have to know the version of your Mac computer. Here is an easy way to make that determination.

About This Mac

The easiest way to determine your Mac version is to access “About This Mac” under the Apple Menu:

About This Mac

When you are in this window, look at the very first entry in the listed information:

About This Mac Information

My iMac is referred to as a “2019”. That is the way it will be addressed in Apple tech documents and other fixit troubleshooting guides. These days, Apple is releasing one version of a Mac a year so they just use the year as a designator.

On older Mac computers, Apple sometimes released two versions of a Mac during the year. The Mac identifier would then look something like this:

Old Mac

This is an older MacBook Air. It is classified as a “Mid 2011”. If you were looking for parts or troubleshooting information, you would need that information.

There is one other bit of information that can be helpful in determining which Mac you own and that is in the more comprehensive “System Report”. If you click on the “System Report” button in the “About This Mac” window, you see this more detailed window.

System Report

What you are looking for here is the “Model Identifier” toward the top of this listing. Sometimes parts and upgrades refer to Macs by the Model Identifier.


Determining what Mac you own is easy. If you do any kind of research or troubleshooting on your Mac, you will need this information.