Unite 4 – Create An App

I don’t know about you, but I go to some websites several times a day to check on certain information. That involves loading the site into a browser ab and sometimes it involves logging into the site each time. There is a simpler way to track a website throughout the day by using an App called Unite 4. Basically, here is what Unite 4 does.

Unite allows you to turn any website into a deeply customizable app on your Mac. Merge the modern web with your native macOS apps.

This little App has become useful to me. Here is how it all works.

Unite 4

The Unite 4 App costs around $16. That may seem a little pricey to you, but if it saves you time and aggravation, it is worth it. The Unite 4 App is a Modal window. That means all its operations occur in one window like System Preferences. When you launch the App, you get this Modal window.

Unite 4 Window

You begin by copying the web address for the site in question into the first field. Then, name the application whatever you wish in the second field. Just click on “Create Unite Application” and the App is created for you. If there is some type of favicon for the particular website, Unite 4 shows it in the window before you create the App.

App Favicon

In my case, I am creating an App for the Panorama database program forum. I go there a few times a day to monitor the information.

When Unite 4 is finished with your App, you get this window.

Application Created

Just click on the “Launch application” button and your App is launched.

Launched Application

This is the Panorama forum page. If the page you are monitoring has a login, you will have to login at the first launch of your new App. After the first login, the page stays logged in every time you launch.

Here is your new miniature App in the Dock.

Dock App

That is the logo for the Panorama database program. Unite 4 puts the new App in the Applications folder.

Applications Folder

It really does treat this website page like an application.


Anything that will make my daily workflow more efficient is seriously considered. The Unite 4 App will make things just a little easier for me. To read more about what Unite 4 can do, just go to their website.