Using iCloud Apps

Apple’s iCloud service keeps getting better and better. Yes, there are it’s detractors, but as afar as I am concerned each iteration of macOS brings improvements in usability and security to the iCloud Service. I think most people use iCloud to host their photos and documents to all their other Apple devices. However, you can use the macOS main Apps from iCloud which can be very handy.

iCloud Apps

Why would I need to use Apps in iCloud if I am using my Mac at home? I think the real value of using different Apps through iCloud comes when you are traveling and/or just don’t have access to a Mac. A perfect example would be when I travel to a different state to visit family. I can access iCloud, more specifically the Photos App, and display or download photos for family on their PeeCee! Yes, the iCloud service works on PC’s, more on that in a minute.

Using Apps in iCloud is really simple. Once you login to iCloud using a web browser you can do all kinds of things from getting your Email, checking Contacts to accessing your Photos:

iCloud Apps

You can access Notes, Reminders and the iWork Suite Apps as well. It really can be a miniature office environment if you need it. But, I wanted to focus on the iCloud Photos App.

For me personally, I use the Photos access the most within the iCloud Apps. Typically, I am traveling and end up accessing my Photos on a PC from a family members house. Obviously, you have to have your Mac ecosystem connected to the iCloud Photos Service, that way your Photos are available everywhere. Here is my access to iCloud Photos on my iMac:

iCloud Photos Displayed

You have access to the basics of the Photos App. You can open and move photos around using the available tools:

Photos Tools

The one thing you cannot do is Edit photos in the iCloud Photo App. But, that is not a big deal. I think most people’s use of the iCloud Photos App would be to display and/or download photos for other people. The place to Edit photos is on your Mac or iPad.

As previously stated, you can access iCloud from a PC. All I have to do is login to the iCloud service from the PC browser:

Windows Login

This is the iCloud login screen from the Windows 10 Edge browser. Once you are logged in iCloud displays it’s Apps pretty much the same as on a Mac browser:

Windows iCloud

The iCloud Photos App area is pretty much the same with the same functionality as on Mac web browser:

Photos Functionality

Accessing Photos (and other Apps) in iCloud from a PC is very easy to do. You pretty much do all the same things as on the Mac side, but just in a different web browser. Because it is all web based, the user experience is almost identical to the Mac.


Admittedly, I do not login to the iCloud services a great deal on my Mac. However, if I am somewhere that I only have access to a PC, I can still access iCloud, do work and/or show photos to other people.

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