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DotMacFor the first time ever I have purchased a .Mac account. .Mac has been in existence for many years, but in my humble opinion, it has never been a good bargain until now. It had anemic storage potential and the other features were just not compelling.

That has all changed. With the addition of 10 GB of storage and Web Galleries Apple sold me. I set up my .Mac account with the ease you would expect from an Apple product. Once set up I started using it by uploading files from work to be used at home. It was simple to mount the .Mac at work, drag the files up and then download them when I got home.

Next , I made my first Web Gallery using iPhoto. One of the best things about .Mac is how seamlessly it works with all of Apple’s software. After making an album in iPhoto it took me 2 clicks to send it to .Mac. And, the options for viewing the Web Gallery are very cool. Since this first Gallery, I have uploaded several others. It is great fun.

Today, I converted my old iWeb 1.1 web site into iWeb 2.0. Then I uploaded it to .Mac. It uploaded fine, after a couple of tries. Next, I set up the “domain” feature for the web site. I don’t know yet how this worked because it takes about 48 hours for it the DNS to resolve. The domain setup is a bit complicated. I will let you know how it works out.

Over the next few weeks I will be bringing you my experiences with .Mac. I am not sure I will use every feature available, but I am certain I will use most of them.

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